Stephanie Parisi Interior Design - San Diego

"Stephanie Parisi is one of the best interior designers in San Diego. Her design sensibility, elegance and sense of proportions are so unique. She is a wonderful person to work with and has a great ability to listen. She is a visionary designer. "

Chetna Bhatt
Designer at Zandra Rhodes Studio

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Internationally celebrated interior designer Stephanie Parisi transforms interior spaces into residences with individuality and sophistication

"After my 43 years in the real estate industry, Stephanie is clearly the best I have seen in her field of design. She creates a very special feel for every property she touches and carries that feel through every design element and item she selects for every surface in every room. She is very intuitive and understands her clients needs."

Robert Dyson
The Dyson & Dyson Companies

San Diego interior design - Stephanie Parisi Interior Design

"Stephanie’s transformative designs are the result of a contemplative mind bent on finding the deeper meaning of a space and what it means to those who use it. She has an innate ability to emotionally brand a space in a unique and targeted way that seems effortless...”

Joanna L. Wheeler
Gallery Director and Interior Designer